Renovating plaster's are intended for replastering after the successful installation of a new damp proof course. Walls which have had a defective damp proof course (or none at all) are likely to contain hygroscopic salts, which can continue to be a source of dampness, even after rising damp is prevented, because they absorb atmospheric moisture. Renovating plasters are cement based with waterproofing additives, which restrict the migration of these salts from the background through the plaster and thereby limit their detrimental effect on interior decoration.

As an alternative to using Renovating Plasters a Damp Proof Membrane can be installed. The membrane creates a barrier between the old damp wall and the new decorative finishes, allowing the wall to breathe and restricting the migration of moisture and salts which can can deteriorate internal finishes. Membranes are embedded with a specialist mesh that provides a key for plaster and render. Plasterboard can also be installed using the Dot & Dab method.



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